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We love having you as a customer. We’ve had an awesome time helping to keep science alive over this strange time and we hope you’ve enjoyed it too. We’re going to continue MEL Academy lessons for our subscription boxes only. To access them — you need to be subscribed to MEL Chemistry.

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In MEL Academy we provide:

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Science teachers who guide you through fundamental concepts in science

Engaging hands-on practical lessons to ignite curiosity and build confidence

Answers to your questions and a forum to connect with like-minded young scientists from all over the world

A new view of science with free VR lessons that shrink you down to the size of an atom

All the necessary instructions to prepare safe hands-on science experiments for home education

Webinar structure

Every webinar lasts 45 minutes, split into three equal parts.

Section 1: Investigation of the topic

Section 2: DIY science experiments

Section 3: MEL Science experiment demonstration

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We have made all our webinars and VR lessons free for the next three months to help families to cope with the current situation.


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Choose a date, time, and topics for your child's schedule on the MEL Academy website. You can find detailed information for each webinar including subject, topic, and age range.


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You will receive an email from us for each webinar you sign up to with a list of which household materials to prepare, so that you can follow along with the experiment, and a link to access the webinar.


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Our teachers and scientists will demonstrate each experiment and explain the underlying science and concepts. It will be both educational and fun!

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