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21 April 2019
Views: 16

How to make a "silver" egg Making a silver eggshell

10 April 2019
Views: 10

A devastating tornado How to make a tornado in a bottle

08 April 2019
Views: 17

Aluminum vs. Salt What can “eat” aluminum in seconds?

04 April 2019
Views: 56

How to make a foam monster "Elephant Toothpaste" at home

03 April 2019
Views: 21

Amazing shavings How to magnetize magnesium

02 April 2019
Views: 61

Making “glass” in 5 seconds How to turn a photopolymer into a solid

29 March 2019
Views: 33

How to make soap bubbles Making soap bubbles at home

28 March 2019
Views: 35

Pyrolytic graphite Magnetic levitation using pyrolytic graphite

26 March 2019
Views: 48

Magnesium fireworks How to make magnesium fireworks

25 March 2019
Views: 35

“Cave of dogs” experiment How to blow out a candle using carbon ...

20 March 2019
Views: 29

Zinc against corrosion Protecting iron from corrosion

18 March 2019
Views: 49

How to make an alloy that resembles mercury Experiments with an alloy made from indium and ...

15 March 2019
Views: 30

A barking test tube What happens when hydrogen burns

12 March 2019
Views: 52

Iodine clock reaction How to turn out the “light” in a ...

12 March 2019
Views: 40

Make invisible ink at home! How to make an invisible ink message

04 March 2019
Views: 228

How to make a message glow using your smartphone Making a "UV light" at home in just ...

28 February 2019
Views: 103

Nitrocellulose: a fire with no burns How to make cotton wool burn in a ...

27 February 2019
Views: 152

How to turn liquid glass and food additives into “plastic” Obtaining a self-solidifying liquid

26 February 2019
Views: 166

How to ignite a candle with a battery Starting a fire with a battery

20 February 2019
Views: 135

How to test for vitamin C at home Detecting vitamin C in fruits and vegetables

18 February 2019
Views: 492

How to make your own battery Homemade battery from pencil and bolt

15 February 2019
Views: 335

How to make your fingers smoke The smoking fingers trick

13 February 2019
Views: 328

How to make indicators at home Colors and chemistry of indicators

12 February 2019
Views: 74

How to make a glowing fountain at home What happens when you put a Mento in ...

11 February 2019
Views: 250

5 coolest experiments involving Coca-Cola How to perform cool experiments with cola at ...

07 February 2019
Views: 134

What do marble, chalk, and eggs have in common? Properties and application of calcium carbonate

31 January 2019
Views: 209

How to make a glowing fountain Making a glowing fountain using luminol and hydrogen ...

29 January 2019
Views: 446

How to use cabbage to make a pH indicator Making indicator strips at home

28 January 2019
Views: 180

How to make a yes/no coin in just 10 minutes Make inscription on copper using electricity

25 January 2019
Views: 188

How to ignite zinc with just a drop of water ("Negative X") This explosive detonates from a waterdrop