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18 February 2019
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How to make your own battery Homemade battery from pencil and bolt

15 February 2019
Views: 263

How to make your fingers smoke The smoking fingers trick

13 February 2019
Views: 309

Indicators: in cabbage, your tea, and even your smartphone! How to determine the composition of the solution ...

12 February 2019
Views: 55

How to make a glowing fountain using tonic water What happens when you put a Mento in ...

11 February 2019
Views: 201

5 coolest experiments involving Coca-Cola How to perform cool experiments with cola at ...

07 February 2019
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What do marble, chalk, and eggs have in common? Or, why are all marble sculptures just a little eggy? Properties and application of calcium carbonate

31 January 2019
Views: 179

How to make a glowing fountain using luminol and hydrogen peroxide Making a glowing fountain using luminol chemiluminescence

29 January 2019
Views: 431

How to use cabbage to make indicator strips that you can use to test pH How to use cabbage to make a pH ...

28 January 2019
Views: 165

How to make a yes/no coin in just 10 minutes Make inscription on copper using electricity

25 January 2019
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How to ignite zinc with just a drop of water ("Negative X") This explosive detonates from a waterdrop

22 January 2019
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How to write a message using light in 1 minute How does cyanotype work

18 January 2019
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Growing a chemical “reef” How to grow a chemical “reef” using diffusion

16 January 2019
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"A singing test tube" experiment What can you hear when iron wool reacts ...

11 January 2019
Views: 50

"Slow crystallization" experiment How to grow sodium thiosulfate crystal in test-tube

10 January 2019
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Ulexite, or TV rock How to transmit images with ulexite

09 January 2019
Views: 184

Calcium sulfate: a construction pro How to make crafts from gypsum

17 December 2018
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Top 5 Christmas chemical experiments How to create Christmas mood with a help ...

15 November 2018
Views: 243

How to make a lamp out of oil and yarn Making an oil lamp with just a few ...

30 October 2018
Views: 270

Top 5 Halloween Science Experiments How to make really spooky Halloween decorations

08 October 2018
Views: 539

5 stereotype-breaking experiments How to perform amazing chemical experiments at home

25 September 2018
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How to make soap at home An easy recipe with simple ingredients

20 September 2018
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The 5 most delicious home experiments Sugar, cabbage, milk needed

14 September 2018
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“Chemical garden” experiment How to grow colorful seaweed from salts

12 September 2018
Views: 291

"Diffusion: mysterious movement” experiment Amazing experiment with lead nitrate and potassium iodide

29 August 2018
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The 6 wildest snake experiments How to make the best chemical snakes at ...

02 July 2018
Views: 588

“Makeshift water filter” experiment How to make a water with charcoal and ...

20 June 2018
Views: 706

“Tin dendrite” experiment How to grow a metal dendrite using electricity

19 June 2018
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“How to print a retro photograph at home” experiment You’ll need only salts and gelatin!

18 June 2018
Views: 185

“Liquid wires” experiment How to make wires from graphite and water ...

14 June 2018
Views: 248

“Homemade toothpaste” experiment How to make a toothpaste at home