Sodium ascorbate

Molecular formula:
Chemical compound:
sodium ascorbate
Common name:
food additive E301

C6H7NaO6 – sodium ascorbate – is a sodium salt of ascorbic acid. It is a solid, odorless crystalline powder with a white or yellowish color. Sodium ascorbate is a food supplement (E301) and is used as an antioxidant and an acidity regulator in the perfumery and food industries. Sodium ascorbate is recommended for people who need vitamin C, but for some reason (elevated stomach acidity, intolerance to ascorbic acid) cannot take ascorbic acid in its pure form. Please remember that the substances in your set are not suitable for use in food.


Hazard information

This reagent is considered nonhazardous according to GHS classifications. Treat all reagents with caution.