MEL Chemistry through your charter school: a perfect alternative to a school lab

Receive 2-3 safe chemistry experiments every month, supplemented by a VR app and educational materials.

Both educational and entertaining

All sets include simple instructions and learning materials and are designed to maximize comprehension.

All equipment included

In your first month you will receive the a Starter Kit, which includes all of the essential equipment you will be using repeatedly throughout your subscription.

We comply with all safety standards

Our experiments are designed for your child to do on his/her own, but you can always join in if you want.


per month
9-month subscription
12-month subscription

You will be charged once at the beginning of your subscription.

The above prices include shipping. Prices are per subscription and valid for the US only. International shipping costs may vary.

For bulk prices and discounts on orders of five or more subscriptions, please contact our MEL Science school support.

We are an approved vendor with the following schools:

  • Amplify Homeschool
  • Arbor Academy
  • Augusta Christian Schools
  • California Pacific Charter School
  • Chula Vista Elementary School District
  • Community Collaborative Charter School
  • Community Montessori
  • Compass Charter Schools
  • CORE Butte Charter School
  • CORE Charter School
  • CORE Placer Charter School
  • County Collaborative Charter School
  • Dehesa Charter
  • Dimensions Collaborative
  • Eisenhower High School, Lawton, OK
  • Element Education, Inc
  • Elite Academic Academy
  • Empower Learning Center Teen and Adult Education, MN
  • Evergreen Academy, MI
  • Excel Academy
  • Georgia Military College Prep School
  • Harvest Ridge Cooperative Charter School
  • Horizon Charter Schools
  • IDEA Alaska
  • IEM
  • James I O'Neill High School, NY
  • Oakland Academy, MI
  • Ocean Grove
  • Sky Mountain
  • South Sutter
  • iLEAD Exploration
  • iLEAD Lancaster
  • iLEAD SCVi Exploration
  • Inspire Charter School
  • Keppel Partnership Academy
  • Loon Lake School District, WA
  • Lund International School, Sweden
  • Mercury Mine Elementary, AZ
  • Monticello Intermediate School (Monticello School District), AR
  • NUA (National University Academy)
  • Paisley School District, OR
  • Peak Preparatory
  • Sage Oak
  • Springs Charter Schools
  • Citrus Springs Charter School
  • Empire Springs Charter School
  • Harbor Springs Charter School
  • Pacific Springs Charter School
  • River Springs Charter School
  • Vista Springs Charter School
  • Summit Academy
  • Valiant Prep
  • Vista Oaks

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See what homeschoolers have to say about MEL Chemistry

Tabitha Malone

Tabitha Malone

My family just did our first experiment, the sugar snake. It took us 2 tries to get it to work but when it did, it was amazing to watch. My boys liked the ashes it created (after cooling of course). Thank you for creating this science. I love that it has many different "sciences" to explore. We, as homeschoolers, are excited to see what the rest of the years Mel's science will bring.

Samantha Matalone

Samantha Matalone

Melscience kits are a fantastic way to dive into the fun and wonder of playing with elements. When kids say they want to study chemistry, this is usually what they mean.

Homeschooling for College Credit

Homeschooling for College Credit

We started our Chemistry subscription this summer. We are using Mel Science for our lab, and I have to say, I have been exceptionally impressed. Superior to the chemistry sets I've bought in the past and a lot more forward thinking than my college chemistry class. We do a Mel Lab every Friday with my 6th and 10th grader. Easily adapts to both levels. Seriously, love this product.

Starter Kit and VR headset

In your first month, you will receive a Starter Kit with all the equipment you’ll need to conduct your experiments.

Our subscription is accompanied by a mobile app — the key to your with VR experience. You will receive your headset in your first package.

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You can receive 76 exciting experiments over the course of your subscription:

Tin hedgehog

A zinc pellet turns into a hedgehog!

Hot ice

Liquid instantly turns into hot ice!

Copper coral

Copper grows from iron wire like a coral in the sea

Galaxy in a flask

The solution in the flask glows when we add potassium hexacyanoferrate

Tin dendrite

Metal trees grow before your very eyes!

Martian rust

An iron nail turns red in a solution of copper salt

Frequently Asked Questions

What is MEL Chemistry?

MEL Chemistry is a monthly subscription to chemistry kits accompanied by a VR headset and a mobile app. More information

Are the experiments safe?

Yes, they are. We have made every effort to ensure that our experiments are as safe as possible:

  • None of the experiments include explosions.
  • We painstakingly identify the safest way to carry out each experiment.
  • All experiments have been tested in schools and/or in after-school clubs.
  • Each experiment includes very detailed, visual step-by-step instructions.
How can I subscribe through my school?

Please check the list of schools we currently serve (above). If we are already a vendor for your school, please contact your school coordinator to subscribe.

If we are not a vendor for your school, please fill out and submit the form on this webpage. We will reach out to your school to discuss becoming a vendor.

Can you become a vendor for my charter school?

Please fill out our above form and we will be in touch with you shortly to discuss a partnership.

How can I subscribe if I homeschool without a charter school?

Please set up an account and you’ll receive our kits each month.

Who can I contact with questions or concerns about MEL Chemistry sets?

Please contact our customer support team either by phone at 1 (855) 971-2330 or via email:

Will I need to purchase any extras, supplements, or additional books?

Some experiments require minimal additional components. You should be able to find these items inexpensively in any grocery store or drugstore.