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What's inside

10+ exciting projects in one subscription! Each monthly kit contains a science-themed project and a compelling visual explanation of the underlying scientific principles. What to expect in  your first 3 months:

Crystal Screen Box Crystal Screen

With the “Crystal Screen” set, kids will:

  • assemble a model of a real LCD screen
  • observe how light changes when passing through a transparent object
  • create an image visible only through their screen

Kids will learn:

  • the nature of light
  • what a polarizer is and how it works
  • where polarizers are used in everyday life
Jungle Jack box Jungle Jack

With the “Jungle Jack” set, kids will:

  • assemble a model of a real jack lift
  • explore how a scissors mechanism works
  • build a simple hydraulics system

Kids will learn:

  • states of matter
  • how a hydraulics system works
  • where hydraulics systems are used in everyday life
Cave sound box Cave Sound

With the “Cave Sound” set, kids will:

  • assemble a model of a real music box
  • explore the nature of sound
  • compose their own melodies

Kids will learn:

  • how sound is created
  • unexpected uses of sound
  • the difference between “loud” and “quiet,” “high-pitched” and “low-pitched”

Featured topics

  • Light and optics
  • Hydrodynamics
  • Mechanics
  • Sound
  • Space
  • Electricity
  • Energy
  • Liquids
  • Human body

Augmented Reality

Plunge into the world of science, where complex concepts are simplified and brought to life.

Includes supplementary AR lessons for iOS and Android.

Science through storytelling!

Embark on a series of adventures with the adorable Zac and Newt — courageous explorers of a faraway planet!

Zac and Newt illustration

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Why families love MEL Kids

Our @melscience subscription box was an awesome science experience! My son, in particular, adored it. He kept calling it "our science experience".
The kids had so much fun learning! … Amazing! My kids are Homeschooled and this has totally added to their learning experience, I look forward to our next subscription box ⚡️🙏🏽😊
The AR portion of our project was a great way to provide some further learning in a fun and unique way and those extra activities in the book really rounded out the whole experience for us.
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