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Try your hand at in-depth medical experiments. Practice at home with professional tools and diagnose patients in a virtual hospital. Ages 14+

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Look what you can do at home!

  • Surgery

    Master the technique of suturing on artificial skin.

  • Dentistry

    Make a dental cast of your jaw.

  • Pharmacology

    Produce a fizzy ascorbic acid tablet.

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How it works

  • 1.

    Get up to 5 experiments in one set (topic-dependent) for $69.90 a month

    Recent research has proven that a hands-on approach is a highly effective way to study. Get a new experiment set every month to garner real-world experience in different medical branches.

  • 2.

    Solve real medical cases in a virtual hospital

    Meet a new patient every month, and use your practical skills and guidance from the app to diagnose them! Make mistakes, search for the right answer — it’s a safe zone for training.

  • 3.

    Explore your options in medicine before applying to college

    There are more than 100 different specialties in the field of medicine. Try different professions to understand what suits you best and use this to your advantage in your future studies.

Designed by doctors and scientists

Learn which medical branch you are most passionate about

Get 2 sets per topic for a deeper dive into each subject

  • Cardiology

  • Surgery

  • Pharmacology

  • Dentistry

  • Nursing

  • Laboratory diagnostics

Completely safe for home use

What’s inside

Every month, you get one experiment set with professional medical tools and all the necessary materials to successfully complete practical tasks.

Diagnose virtual patients in the mobile app

Challenge yourself with real medical cases:

  1. Collect a full anamnesis during a video interview
  2. Check the results of lab tests
  3. Make a diagnosis
  4. Receive feedback and understand your mistakes

Why MEL Med

  • When compared with traditional education, virtual patients can more effectively improve skills, and at least as effectively improve knowledge. The skills that improved were clinical reasoning, procedural skills, and a mix of procedural and team skills.
    According to the Digital Health Education Collaboration
  • As a practicing doctor, I am impressed by the level of these sets. I want my daughter to choose her profession carefully, and MEL Med is the perfect tool to give kids an idea about real medicine and decide whether they want to dedicate their lives to it.
    35, Palo Alto, California
  • These kits make me feel like a real med student. I love that I can try a bunch of different medical fields to get an idea of which one is best for me.
    16, Cleveland, Ohio

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Still have questions?

How much does it cost?

The subscription costs $69.90 per month.

Are the experiments safe?

All of the sets are designed by scientists and doctors. They are completely safe for home use.

Can I buy an individual experiment set?

Currently there is no such option; however, we hope to introduce this opportunity in the near future.

Can I cancel or pause my subscription?

You can cancel your subscription at any time with one click from your profile. You can also reactivate your subscription at any time; we keep track of your order history, so you don’t need to worry about receiving any redundant sets.

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