“Fluorescent Pumpkin” experiment

How to make a UV pumpkin using highlighter pens

A sim­ple ex­per­i­ment for Hal­loween that you can do at home.

Reagents and equip­ment:

  • mark­ers or high­lighter pens;
  • ethyl al­co­hol;
  • brush;
  • pump­kin;
  • ul­tra­vi­o­let lamp.

Step-by-step in­struc­tions

Take the rod out of the mark­er and wash the dye out of it with the al­co­hol. Then paint the pump­kin with the brush and let the al­co­hol evap­o­rate. Turn on the ul­tra­vi­o­let lamp and en­joy the sight.

Pro­cess­es de­scrip­tion

Mark­ers con­tain dyes that start to glow un­der the im­pact of ul­tra­vi­o­let light. This phe­nom­e­non is called flu­o­res­cence.

Safe­ty pre­cau­tions

This ex­per­i­ment is safe. You can wear gloves to pro­tect your hands from get­ting stained.