Sodium nitrate, solution 5 M

Molecular formula:
Chemical compound:
sodium nitrate
Common name:

NaNO3 – sodium nitrate – is a white, odorless, crystalline solid that is very soluble in water. This chemical is also known as Chile saltpeter because large deposits of it can be found in the very dry Atacama Desert in Chile. Normally, however, it is made artificially – for instance, by reacting sodium hydroxide and nitric acid. It is widely used as fertilizer to supply soil with nitrogen. Sodium nitrate is sometimes added to cured meats and poultry as a preservative and color enhancer. It can also be used to tint firework flames yellow, and is additionally utilized as an oxidizer in making solid rocket propellant and smoke bombs.

Hazard information

Hazard statements

  • May intensify fire; oxidizer.
  • Causes serious eye irritation.

Precautionary statements

  • Keep/Store away from clothing and other combustible materials.
  • IF IN EYES: Rinse cautiously with water for several minutes. Remove contact lenses if present and easy to do – continue rinsing.