A kid's guide to chemistry

The classic chemistry set gets a 21st-century upgrade

A Modern Spin On The Chemistry Set

A modern spin on the chemistry set

Enter sugar snake: Hands-on with MEL Science’s next-gen chemistry kit

The VR mode seems especially awesome

MEL Science Review

With this award-winning company, you’re getting access to over 100 hands-on experiments and projects alongside tutor sessions and live lessons taught by real science teachers.

Educational Experiments Delivered Monthly

MEL Science’s Subscription Boxes Turn Your Home into a Chemistry Lab That’s Safe for Kids

The Everything Simulator

MEL Science is using VR to simulate chemical reactions as accurately as possible

VR Chemistry Lessons with MEL Science App

A brilliant way to help understand complex concepts and inspire more kids to study science

Tech me out: Cutting edge tech entering the toy space

Kids are now able to engage with science in a way that they simply wouldn’t have been able to in the past as they shrink themselves down to see the world at a molecular level

Special Delivery: Chemistry Sets

If I could just find a place to order a time machine to bring me back to childhood...

Our Favorite Science Kits For Kids

Best Subscription Box For the Serious Chemist

These Hands-On Learning Startups Want Your Kid To Be The Next Zuckerberg

The experience is as much social as it is sensory. That adds an element of memorability to what is going on

The subscription science company, MEL Science, secures funding

Science experiments in a never before seen light

MEL Science Bolsters Their VR/AR Learning Tool With $2.5 Million

Taking education to the next level

MEL Science Raises $2.5 Million to Make Lab Experiments a (Virtual) Reality

What the Museum at CHF should soon add to its collection are the MEL Science chemistry sets that feature virtual reality technology

MEL Science Raises $2.5 Million Series A to Make Learning Fun

MEL Science is the first to incorporate VR and AR into a single lesson

MEL Science Chalks Up $2.5M To Bring Virtual Reality to Education

MEL Science is to bring virtual reality to education

MEL Science raises $2.5 million to put a VR twist on chemistry sets

A high-tech twist on the old chemistry sets

Get science delivered directly to your door with MEL Chemistry

Spark an interest in science in a way text books and lectures can never do

Get Science Delivered to Your Door with MEL Chemistry

Put you or your kid on the path to a Nobel award

Cool Vendors in Education, 2016

Greatly improves the understanding of chemistry

How Technology Has Made Our Kids Smarter Than Ever

MEL Science has seen a huge amount of uptake in their chemistry sets because everything is about grabbing the attentions of young people and keeping them engaged.

Product review: MEL Chemistry

I am thrilled with this program. Thrilled.

It Ain't Rocket Science, Episode 42

MEL Chemistry will send you everything you need to turn your home into a laboratory.

GeekMom Holiday Gift Guide #4: Toys and Lego!

I’ve noticed over the years that the good old-fashioned chemistry set is tough to come by these days. But MEL Chemistry makes it a reality again with their Chemistry Set subscription boxes.

Hands-on Chemistry Comes Home

I actually walked away with a greater understanding of chemistry than I had before

What Modern Parents Want from the Toy Industry- ChiTAG Crushes It

We were completely blown away by the quality of their products

Best Educational Toys & Games for 7- to 10-Year-Olds

A next-generation series of chemistry experiments

Subscription Box Chemistry Set

A kit that teaches science to kids

Cannabis Tester, New Chemistry Set, Old Chemistry Set

While the real-time experiments should satisfy the pyromaniac in every child, MEL’s apps for the iPad, the iPhone, and Android smartphones and tablets should distract kids from game consoles and idle text chatter.

MEL Chemistry sets

This is one of the most exciting and ambitious home-chemistry educational projects I’ve seen.

Last-minute chemistry gifts for the scientist in your life

Brings the chemistry set smack up to date... real chemistry in action.

A modern twist to that old fashioned chemistry set

A modern twist to that old fashioned chemistry set

The best tech toys of London Toy Fair 2016

Playing to spectacle — as evidenced by the repeated oohs and ahhs of children we saw using it

MEL Chemistry – Perhaps the coolest present to your kids

Mel Chemistry is a good choice for anyone who would like to give an active learning experience for their kids.