Soap bubbles that don't burst

How to make unbreakable bubbles

If you want to amaze the kids with a mag­ic soap bub­ble show, you don’t have to hire ma­gi­cians. You can per­form the mag­ic your­self!

Reagents and equip­ment:

  • wa­ter;
  • liq­uid soap;
  • glyc­erin;
  • plas­tic pipette;
  • cup.

Step-by-step in­struc­tions

Pour wa­ter and liq­uid soap into a glass cup, and add glyc­erin. Mix the so­lu­tion. Put on woolen gloves. Take a pipette, cut off one end, dip it in the so­lu­tion and start blow­ing soap bub­bles. Take a bub­ble in your hand and play with it, toss­ing it from one hand to an­oth­er.

Pro­cess­es de­scrip­tion

Why doesn’t the soap bub­ble burst? The glyc­erin makes the wall of the bub­ble denser and stronger. And the area of con­tact of the bub­ble with the glove is re­duced thanks to the wool, and so the bub­ble doesn’t burst for a long time.