Our mission is to make science education the new Rock’n’Roll

What we believe in

We are breaking the stereotype that science is boring, difficult, and only for certain types of people.

We strive to make serious science accessible, interesting, and cool.

Science is about exploration, experiments, discovery, and asking questions – all of which comes naturally to all children.

We believe that every child is a scientist.

We help nurture children’s natural interest in science by giving them:

  • fun hands-on experiments to engage
  • serious, detailed explanations to learn
  • VR and AR technologies to dive deeper

We offer

Educational subscription boxes with breathtaking hands-on experiments, powered by immersive AR & VR lessons and live online classes.

Our products are a great fit for aspiring scientists ages 5–14, science teachers, schools, and homeschooling parents.

What the media is saying

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Chemical & Engineering News

Our story

A shared love of science brought us together. Almost everyone on our small team fell in love with science in childhood; some got hooked on chemistry, and others on mathematics and physics. Altogether, we received:

  • Two first-place medals in citywide chemistry Olympiads, and four at national chemistry competitions;
  • Two first-place medals in citywide physics competitions, and one at the nationwide physics Olympiad;
  • First place nationwide in programming.

Moving forward, one of us remained in science and founded the most popular science tournament. Others developed such games as FIFA Street and FIFA 12, founded a 3D design studio and recreated the first manned flight into space using 3D-models, and created two mobile software development companies, which have grown to employ one hundred people each.

When we began raising our children, we realized that we wanted to give them more than a standardized education could offer. Here, we are united in one common goal: making science education easy, interesting, and effective.

Backed by research

With our MEL Chemistry VR lessons, we took part in a research initiative conducted by the New Jersey Institute of Technology aimed at determining the impact VR has on education in a school setting.
The research showed that:

  • VR students score higher in final exams and class grades
  • VR improved their chemistry contextualization issues
BETT 2020
Innovator of the year

The BETT show is a leading global event for educators and the first industry show of the year in the education technology landscape.

The EdTech Awards 2020
Best VR/AR solution

The EdTech Awards is the largest and most competitive recognition program in all of education technology.

The VR Awards 2020
VR Education and training of the year

The VR Awards is an international industry awards ceremony celebrating outstanding achievements in VR organized by AIXR.

2nd prize

HICOOL is a global entrepreneurship competition. MEL Science was top-ranked among the best 15 companies out of 2000 competitors from around the world.


MEL Science has enjoyed great success among the homeschooling community; plenty of our customers are homeschooling families. They agree that our products provide a great alternative to school labs.


Received BETT Award for Innovator of the Year.
Launched our new product MEL Kids. Sales to 12 new countries, including China and Canada. 2.5M followers on social media, 100M views of one of our science videos.
Start of international sales to over 35 countries.
Launch of Chemistry Lessons in VR, launch of sales to charter schools.
First sales launched in US, UK.
Company foundation.

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