Looong molecules

This slime doesn’t work as it should.

10 minutes


  • Carefully review the general safety advice on the back of the box cover before starting the experiment.
  • Never eat or drink any of the substances provided. Do not use for culinary purposes.
  • Perform the experiment on the safety tray and use protective gloves to avoid staining your hands.


  • Pour liquids down the sink. Wash with an excess of water.
  • Dispose of solid waste together with household garbage.

Scientific description

Liquids come in different viscosities. Surprisingly, viscous liquids resist external influences in different ways. The molecules of some viscous liquids are so tightly bound that they can be pulled out with a syringe like a thread. Such fluids are called viscoelastic fluids. The molecules that comprise them are very long and wrap around each other . The molecules of the liquid you tinted blue  are 100,000 times longer than the molecules of the red liquid , while the latter, in turn, are 100 times longer than water molecules.

When you draw out the blue liquid  with the syringe , the molecules pull each other along. The process is like pulling a phone charger out of a box where chargers and headphones are all tangled together. As you pull out the charger you need, you’ll pull the rest of the chargers along with it.The same does not apply to the viscous red liquid, as its molecules  are short and do not intertwine with each other. This liquid therefore does not form a thread, and cannot be extracted using such an unorthodox method.