How to make gummy cola

Make jelly cola which you can eat

Is it pos­si­ble to make an in­ter­est­ing and tasty dessert out of or­di­nary cola? Why not! Find out how in our new video.

Safe­ty pre­cau­tions

Per­form this ex­per­i­ment only un­der adult su­per­vi­sion.


  • 50g gelatin;
  • 0.5L cola;
  • pan;
  • hot plate;
  • sta­tionery knife;
  • ad­he­sive tape.

Step-by-step in­struc­tions

Pour 50g gelatin into a pan and add 0.5L cola. Stir and leave to swell for 20 min­utes. Make a hor­i­zon­tal cut in the mid­dle of a plas­tic bot­tle and seal it back up with tape. Then heat the mix­ture of gelatin and cola over medi­um heat (if you have a ther­mome­ter, keep the tem­per­a­ture at or be­low 60°C / 140°F) un­til it be­comes a ho­mo­ge­neous liq­uid. Pour into the bot­tle, close the lid, and let sit in the fridge for 12 hours. When the time has passed, re­move the tape from the bot­tle. Care­ful­ly cut the bot­tle open with a sta­tionery knife and en­joy your jel­ly cola!

Process de­scrip­tion

Gelatin is a di­etary sup­ple­ment de­rived from col­la­gen. It is used as a thick­en­er or gelling agent in food prod­ucts, medicines, and cos­met­ics. Gelatin’s struc­tural fea­tures al­low it to ab­sorb and re­tain wa­ter. Wa­ter mol­e­cules are rel­a­tive­ly small and can seep into the in­ter­molec­u­lar spa­ces in the gelatin. Once in the gelatin, they re­main there due to the for­ma­tion of hy­dro­gen bonds. The gelatin thus turns the cola into jel­ly.