Making artificial skin for Halloween in 2 min

A simple Halloween makeup recipe with just three ingredients

Warn­ing! Only un­der adult su­per­vi­sion.


  • gelatin;
  • glyc­erol;
  • wa­ter;
  • foun­da­tion;
  • red and brown gouache.

Step-by-step in­struc­tions

Mix gelatin (2 tbsp) with glyc­erol (2 tbsp) and wa­ter (2 tbsp), stir thor­ough­ly, and mi­crowave for 2–3 min, NOT al­low­ing it to boil. Then make sure to let it cool! Now it can be ap­plied to your hand – cre­ate a slight­ly rough tex­ture and ap­ply foun­da­tion and gouache for a re­al­is­tic look. Af­ter a few min­utes, your make­up is ready!

Process de­scrip­tion

When heat­ed, the glyc­erol mol­e­cules and wa­ter mol­e­cules pen­e­trate be­tween the gelatin mol­e­cules, weak­en­ing the at­trac­tion be­tween them. As a re­sult, the gelatin be­comes more elas­tic and can form this ar­ti­fi­cial skin – a great ad­di­tion to your Hal­loween look!

If brought to a boil, the mix­ture will foam, and can be­gin to spat­ter. It’s also ab­so­lute­ly nec­es­sary to make sure to let the mix­ture cool – oth­er­wise, it can cause a painful burn!

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