Our mission is to Make Everyone Love Science

Ce en quoi nous croyons

We are shattering the stereotype that science is dull, complex, and confined to a select few. Our mission is to bring science to the forefront as something captivating, understandable, and undeniably cool.

Our goal is to make the realm of science approachable, fascinating, and effortlessly engaging. Science thrives on curiosity, experimentation, discovery, and the unquenchable thirst for answers – qualities that are inherent in every child.

We wholeheartedly believe that every child embodies the spirit of a scientist. That's why we're here, nurturing their innate scientific curiosity by providing:

  • Entertaining hands-on experiments that captivate their imagination.
  • Thorough, in-depth explanations that facilitate genuine understanding.
  • The immersive power of VR and AR technologies for deeper exploration.

With these tools, we're empowering the scientists of tomorrow, igniting their passion for learning and unleashing their boundless potential.

What we offer

Embark on an educational journey with our subscription boxes featuring captivating hands-on experiments, enriched by immersive AR & VR lessons, and live online classes.

Tailored to aspiring scientists aged 5–14+, our products are also a perfect match for science educators, schools, homeschooling parents, and everyone who wants to introduce their kids to science.

What the media is saying

C’est l’un des projets éducatifs de chimie à la maison les plus excitants et ambitieux que j’ai vus

Chemistry World par la Royal Society of Chemistry

Le coffret de chimie classique passe au XXIe siècle !

Les applications de MEL pour smartphones et tablettes devraient détourner les enfants des consoles de jeux.

Chemical & Engineering News par l’American Chemical Society

Notre histoire

Bound by a collective passion for science, fate brought our tight-knit team together. Our team members' love for science ignited during childhood – for some, it was chemistry; for others, mathematics and physics.

Love for science led us to five medals in nationwide chemistry and physics competitions, one first-place medal in a national championship in programming, and multiple PhD degrees. Apart from a science background, our team shares world-class business expertise. Together, we achieved remarkable feats:

  • Initiated the creation of two mobile software development startups that have collectively grown to employ hundreds of individuals.
  • Founded multiple thriving companies, securing funding in the tens of millions of dollars.
  • Lead an EdTech company to a successful $430M acquisition.
  • Held C-level positions in Just Eat, Busuu, and Mrs. Wordsmith amongst others.
  • Created science communication media with 20M+ followers.

With the call of parenthood, a longing to provide more than conventional education arose. Thus, we share a united vision: to simplify, enhance, and invigorate science education – crafting an experience that's both accessible and captivating.

Leadership team

Tara Hamilton-Whitaker

EVP Just Eat. PLC (FTSE 100), responsible for product & tech, business expansion.

Group Digital Director for Time Inc UK, the UK’s largest digital publisher.

Vassili Philippov
Founder, Exec Chair

Co-founder & COO at SPB Software, the leading Windows Mobile app development platform.

Gold medal winner of Physics & Programming Olympiads, PhD in Math and six technology patents.

Michael Stevens
Chief Innovation Officer

Founder of Vsauce and Curiosity Box, the subscription for thinkers.

Strategist at Google and YouTube for 5 years. The leading science communicator in the world with 20M+ followers, and influential within the creator community.

Ed Relf

CMO at EdTech company Busuu (acquired by Chegg for $430M).

BAFTA-winning CMO Mind Candy (0 → 80M users).

Founder & CEO at Laundrapp ($12M raised).

Edd Stockwell
VP Commercial

Consumer product and partnership experience in C-level positions at Busuu, Mrs. Wordsmith, and Tutorfair.

Expertise in adding meaningful digital experiences to offline consumer products.

Soutenu par la recherche

Leveraging our MEL Chemistry VR lessons, we actively participated in groundbreaking research orchestrated by the New Jersey Institute of Technology. This study sought to unravel the educational implications of VR within a school environment. The conclusive findings unveiled that:

  • Students engaged with VR achieved elevated scores in final examinations and overall class grades.
  • VR integration significantly alleviated chemistry contextualization challenges, enhancing the learning experience.

BETT 2020

Innovateur de l’année

Le salon BETT est un événement mondial important pour les enseignants. C’est aussi le premier salon professionnel de l’année dans le domaine des technologies de l’éducation.

Les lauréats EdTech Awards 2020

Meilleure solution VR/AR

Les EdTech Awards sont le plus vaste et le plus performant des programmes de reconnaissance dans l’ensemble des technologies éducative.

Les lauréats VR Awards 2020

Éducation et formation VR de l’année

Les VR Awards, organisés par AIXR, sont une cérémonie internationale de récompenses célébrant les réalisations exceptionnelles en VR de l’industrie.


2e prix

HICOOL est un concours mondial d’entrepreneuriat. MEL Science a été classée parmi les 15 meilleures entreprises sur 2000 concurrentes du monde entier.

École à la maison

MEL Science has achieved remarkable success within the homeschooling community, with a substantial number of our customers being homeschooling families. They unanimously recognize that our products offer a fantastic alternative to traditional school labs.

Les jalons

Curiosity Box customer base doubled in less than a year.
MEL Science successfully acquired Curiosity Box.
Launch of the innovative math subscription, MEL Math.
Proudly introduced the world's first medical educational subscription box, MEL Med.
Received BETT Award for Innovator of the Year.
Launched our new product MEL Kids. Sales to 12 new countries, including China and Canada. 2.5M followers on social media, 100M views of one of our science videos.
Start of international sales to over 35 countries.
Launch of Chemistry Lessons in VR, launch of sales to charter schools.
First sales launched in US, UK.
Fondation de l’entreprise.

Nous aimerions avoir de vos nouvelles !

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