Make Carbonic acid molecule

In this lab you will make carbonic acid. You will do this by combining carbon dioxide and water molecules. You will be able to switch between different molecule representations: ball and stick, space filling, and structural.

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Wel­come to the MEL Sci­ence mol­e­cule con­struc­tor.

Let's start our lab by build­ing a car­bon diox­ide mol­e­cule.

Keep in mind that you don't have to think about dou­ble bonds here. They will ap­pear af­ter you as­sem­ble your mol­e­cule.

Great! This is what a ball-and-stick mod­el of CO2 looks like.

Car­bon diox­ide can re­act with wa­ter to form car­bon­ic acid.

Now let's take a car­bon diox­ide mol­e­cule and a wa­ter mol­e­cule.

Try to re­ar­range bonds be­tween atoms to get a Car­bon­ic acid mol­e­cule in 'Edit bonds' mode. You can add or re­move bond by click­ing on two atoms se­quen­tial­ly.

Dou­ble or triple bonds will ap­pear au­to­mat­i­cal­ly when you press the As­sem­ble mol­e­cule but­ton.

Cor­rect! This is a car­bon­ic acid mol­e­cule.

In real life, you can ac­tu­al­ly get it by dis­solv­ing car­bon diox­ide in wa­ter.

Af­ter check­ing out dif­fer­ent molec­u­lar rep­re­sen­ta­tions you can fin­ish this Lab by press­ing the Exit but­ton.