Chemistry - Properties of Metals

In this MEL Academy lesson your child will:

  • learn the physical and chemical properties of metals
  • obtain pure copper from raw copper oxide
  • grow your own tin hedgehog

Lesson time

8:00am   PST (San Francisco, Seattle, ...)
9:00am   MST (Phoenix, Denver, ...)
10:00am   CST (Chicago, Houston, ...)
11:00am   EST (New York, Toronto, ...)
4:00pm   GMT (London, ...)

Lesson duration: 45-55 minutes.

Prepare in advance

On this lesson we will conduct "Clean Pennies with Acid" DIY experiment. Prepare the following household materials:

  5x 1c or 1p coin
  Citric acid or vinegar
  Iron nail or iron paper clip
  Tea spoon
  Table salt (1 table spoon)
  Warm water

MEL Experiment

If you are a subscriber of MEL Chemistry then you can conduct Tin hedgehog from the Tin chemistry set:



This lesson is presented by Matthew Shaw:

Matthew Shaw

Matthew is a full time professional science and maths tutor. He has been teaching online now for 6 years. Matthew studied Natural Sciences at the University of Cambridge in the UK. He looks forward to working through some fun demonstrations with everyone, and getting to answer all your burning questions!