Chemistry - Properties of Metals

In this MEL Academy lesson your child will:

  • learn the physical and chemical properties of metals
  • obtain pure copper from raw copper oxide
  • grow your own tin hedgehog

Lesson time

11:00am   PST (San Francisco, Seattle, ...)
12:00pm   MST (Phoenix, Denver, ...)
1:00pm   CST (Chicago, Houston, ...)
2:00pm   EST (New York, Toronto, ...)
7:00pm   GMT (London, ...)

Lesson duration: 45-55 minutes.

Prepare in advance

On this lesson we will conduct "Clean Pennies with Acid" DIY experiment. Prepare the following household materials:

  5x 1c or 1p coin
  Citric acid or vinegar
  Iron nail or iron paper clip
  Tea spoon
  Table salt (1 table spoon)
  Warm water

MEL Experiment

If you are a subscriber of MEL Chemistry then you can conduct Tin hedgehog from the Tin chemistry set:



This lesson is presented by Indraneelan Thalayasingam:

Indraneelan Thalayasingam

Indraneelan is an experienced and highly educated but accessible tutor. He specialises in engaging with students to help them connect with the work, and creating a learning environment that is different from a dry academic room. He loves the opportunities to do this and has a keen passion for the subjects that he teaches. He finds being able to use that to generate a new outlook on the subject for his students is immensely rewarding for you both.