Chemistry - Hydrogen

In this MEL Academy lesson your child will:

  • learn the nature of hydrogen
  • obtain hydrogen by his own hands
  • perform a couple of totally safe explosions

Lesson time

7:00am   PST (San Francisco, Seattle, ...)
8:00am   MST (Phoenix, Denver, ...)
9:00am   CST (Chicago, Houston, ...)
10:00am   EST (New York, Toronto, ...)
3:00pm   GMT (London, ...)

Lesson duration: 45-55 minutes.

Prepare in advance

In this lesson, we will conduct the "Hydrogen electrolysis production and balloon explosion" DIY experiment. Prepare in advance household materials shown below.

DIY Materials

  a fresh orange
  3x balloons
  thread (enough to tie balloons)
  the USB cable you don't need (we will cut it) or a wire ~ 50 cm (20 in)
  2x AA battery
  large spoonful of salt

MEL Experiment

If you are a subscriber of MEL Chemistry then you can conduct Fire Foam from the But Will It Burn? chemistry set:

But Will It Burn?


This lesson is presented by Mark Maclaine:

Mark Maclaine

Mark has been an educator for 20 years and has taught more than 20,000 hours of one-on-one lessons to over 1200 students. He initially struggled in school as the academic study didn’t come naturally to him. What was a weakness has become one of his greatest strengths - finding he is able to connect with students who are themselves struggling. Using a set of skills developed over the past two decades and his RELATE Teaching Method, Mark has become one of the best-known educators in the world. He is passionate about his work and is committed to transforming the education system so it works for everyone.