MEL Chemistry Subscription - Artificial Sea

In this live lesson your children will:

  • Complete the experiments in the Artificial Sea set
  • Understand the science behind the experiment
  • Be able to ask questions

To complete the experiments, you will need the following: MEL Chemistry 'Artificial Sea' set; MEL Chemistry Starter Kit; and water.

Lesson time

9:00am   PST (San Francisco, Seattle, ...)
10:00am   MST (Phoenix, Denver, ...)
11:00am   CST (Chicago, Houston, ...)
12:00pm   EST (New York, Toronto, ...)
5:00pm   GMT (London, ...)

Lesson duration: 50-60 minutes.

MEL Experiment

If you are a subscriber of MEL Chemistry then you can conduct all of the experiments from the Artificial Sea chemistry set:

Artificial Sea

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Want to take your learning even further?

Complete the questions and investigations and then check your answers here.


This lesson is presented by Daniel Sullivan:

Daniel Sullivan

Dan is a hugely enthusiastic and experienced ex-head of science with over 20 years of teaching experience, running science departments in which he delighted in introducing truly exciting, inspiring practical science lessons that made learning and the voyage of discovery of the natural world a joy to experience. He is a hugely passionate scientist whose singular aim is to instil in his students a love of science, a fascination with the universe, and a lifelong habit of challenging all types of 'received wisdom'! All of this is of course done with a sense of mischievousness and fun!