STEM bundles

For students ages 5–10+.
$139.60 plus sales tax.
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The STEM bundle is a curriculum-based classroom set of 4 STEM projects, each of which covers a designated STEM topic.
The bundle is designed for elementary school students, and can also be a perfect fit for science clubs, camps, and after-school programs. See case studies written by teachers who have used MEL Science bundles for their curriculum.
Value: less than $9 per project per student (if shared between a group of four students).


  • Each kit includes all the necessary components and instructions to complete a successful project.
  • The bundle is accompanied by the augmented reality mobile app. Augmented reality will improve students’ engagement and understanding of what can’t be seen with the naked eye.
  • Each experiment is also supplemented by a recorded video lesson from a professional teacher. See example: Jungle Jack


  • Camera obscura
  • Hydraulic systems
  • Properties of light and color, and the visible light spectrum
  • The basics of mechanical advantage and engine power

Key concepts:

  • Optical lenses
  • Projecting an image onto a surface
  • How digital projectors work
  • Pressure in liquids and gases
  • States of matter: gas, liquid, solid
  • Introduction to molecules
  • Levers and scissor mechanisms
  • The difference between rotation and revolution
  • Precession and the gyroscopic effect
  • The visible light spectrum and the seven colors of the rainbow
  • What light and color are
  • Infrared light and X-rays
  • Laws of energy conservation and transformation
  • Friction: pros and cons
This bundle of 4 STEM projects can be used for over 4 class sessions.
Students will benefit from doing a series of diverse-yet-related activities with the structured approach of this organized curriculum. This will turn hands-on science into a fun regular activity, and developing this habit will help change students' behavior and attitude toward science. This approach will build their confidence and encourage them to think scientifically about how the world works and how to solve challenges in the future.
This bundle is a convenient and helpful tool for teachers to engage students in investigation, keep track of what has been taught, and plan the curriculum further.
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