About MEL Science

At MEL Science, we have created a standalone educational package that will captivate the interest of your child by demonstrating the real science in all of its beauty and depth. The package consists of:

  • 38 interactive hands-on chemistry sets;
  • Complementary app for smartphone or tablet;
  • Personal access to the website with fresh and interesting scientific stories.

Unlike other products that are single-use, our hands-on sets, designed by experienced scientists, constitute a do-it-at-home yearlong chemistry course, which is both fun and engaging. The sets will be delivered to your home gradually, in a subscription style, two sets per month. Each chemistry set will contain almost everything you and your kids need to conduct 2-3 safe experiments at home.

The complementary app will serve as a virtual 3D microscope enabling your child to better visualize what happens in each experiment at the molecular level. And our website will let you find out more about the topic of each experiment, as well as answer all related questions.

MEL Chemistry is the first educational package that actually teaches you chemistry instead of showing tricks with a scientific slant.

How it all began

We came together because we are science geeks. Almost everyone on our small team became seriously addicted to science back in the childhood. Some got hooked on chemistry, and others — on mathematics and physics. If you add up our results in scientific Olympiads, then together we:

  • twice took first diploma in city Olympiads and four times — at national competitions in chemistry,
  • twice took first diploma in city Olympiads and once — in All-Russian Olympiad in physics,
  • in mathematics, we took second place,
  • yet, we also took first diploma in the country in programming.

After that we did different things. One of us remained in science and founded the most popular scientific tournament in Russia. Others developed such games as FIFA Street and FIFA 12, recreated the first manned flight into space using 3D-models and founded 3D design studio, and built two mobile software development companies, which have grown to a hundred people each.

When we started to raise our children, we realized that the existing level of education was very poor and wanted to give our children more. Here we are, led on by one common idea: how to pass the knowledge about science in an easy, interesting and effective way.

What we are doing

By subscribing to MEL Chemistry, you will receive two new chemistry sets every month by mail. Each set will contain 1-3 interesting experiments that can do with your kids over the weekend. I don't know about you, but we are very worried about our children. They often spend more time with computer games than science. And we are trying to do everything to make science as interesting as possible.

Many people are afraid of chemistry. We have done everything possible to make our experiments as safe as possible. There are no explosions. No harmful substances whatsoever. First we thought that this approach would limit us too much. And do you know what? We have found and designed hundreds of really cool experiments that are absolutely safe.

At MEL Science, we don't just create interesting experiments. We make sure that you understand the underlying science.

Check the difference. Here is a neat experiment involving the combustion of hydrogen bubbles:

Is it a cool experiment? Yes. Will your children learn from it? No. However, if we show what is happening at the molecular level, the understanding will be completely different:

Therefore, in addition to chemistry sets, we are also developing a mobile app that shows the structural formula and 3D-models of molecules and explains how the reaction occurs. This app is a virtual microscope that lets you use your mobile device to look inside matter and understand how everything is structured.

Where to find us

MEL Science, Huckletree,
18 Finsbury Square,
EC2A 1AH, London, UK

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If you want your child to do something useful and to gain a fundamental idea about how nature is structured that will last the rest of their life, then subscribe to MEL Chemistry, and every week a new box will be delivered to your door with fascinating experiments and interesting stories that explain the essence of the phenomena underlying these experiments.