MEL Chemistry App

With the MEL Chemistry app, you can explore substances on the molecular level and browse various chemistry experiments.

Videos of experiments

The MEL Chemistry app has videos of all the experiments.

In addition to videos, the app contains complete information about each experiment:

  • Detailed step-by-step instructions
  • Science behind the experiment
  • Safety and disposal information
  • Interesting facts

Molecules in 3D

Transform your smartphone or tablet into a virtual x100,000,000 microscope to watch molecules!

Virtual reality

The MEL Chemistry app supports the virtual reality mode using Google Cardboard shipped as part of the Starter Kit.

Imagine you have shrunk to the size of an atom, and now you are inside some chemical substance! You are surrounded by atoms and molecules. You can almost touch them! This will bring your understanding of the inner workings of the world of atoms, ions, and molecules to a completely new level!

Animation of chemical formulas

A special mode of the MEL Chemistry app will help you transform any chemical structural formula you might see in a book into a realistic looking 3D molecule.

Such animation will help you understand what stands behind those formulas in the books.

Hold a bottle to recognize molecules inside

The MEL Chemistry app uses the front camera on your phone or tablet to recognize the special MEL Codes on the bottles and show the corresponding molecules in 3D.

If you have an MEL Chemistry subscription, each bottle you receive from us will have a special code printed on it.

Supported devices

The app supports Android and iOS smartphones and tablets.

The virtual reality mode is supported only on smartphones that have a gyroscopic sensor (iPhone 5 and up, most of modern Android smartphones).